Premium Arabica Coffee imported Farmer Direct from the Mountains of Cameroon, West Africa
Coffee x Love Coffee x Happiness Coffee x Life Coffee with a Purpose
Coffee x Love
"Coffee and Love taste best when Hot"
Ethiopian Proverb
Coffee x Happiness
“Happiness only transpires once I’ve had my coffee”
Clark Gable
Coffee x Life
Coffee is the common mans gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury nobility
Coffee with a Purpose
“I believe humans get much done, not because we’re shrewd, but because we have fingers so we can make coffee”
Flash Rosenberg

Imported Farmer Direct From the Mountains of Cameroon

Kalimba Song Coffee Company is proud to feature a variety of coffee experiences made from premium Arabica beans imported farmer direct from the mountains of Cameroon West Africa. Our farmer-partners grow their coffee in the nutrient-rich, dark volcanic top soil of the highlands of western Cameroon. The daily doses of rainfall and sunshine along with the dedication and expertise of our farmers contribute to produce the rich, full bodied Arabica coffee known worldwide as Cameroon Boyo™ Arabica Coffee. Experience the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from along the equatorial belt. Indulge yourself and Drink The Best Organic Coffee!

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